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Jesse Teeters


Height: 6'

Weight: 180 lbs.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue


Film/ Television/ Web

Epic Hist. of Everyday Things                          “Joe” (Lead)  

The Stay At Home Dad                                      Hipster Dad

Homecoming                                                       Tim (Lead)

Over Da Rainbow                                                Brett (supporting)

Bill: Party of One                                                 Bill (lead)

206 Cook Street                                                   Tony (lead)

Gadfly                                                                    Pete (lead)

Sticky                                                                     Charles (lead)

Crossing Paths                                                    Jay (supporting)

Waystation                                                          Pick-up Artist (featured)







Improv, Hosting, Stage Combat (Rapier, Hand-to-Hand, Broadsword), Dialects (British; upper and lower class, Irish, Russian, German, Southern), Home Remodeling/Repair, Guitar, Singing (Baritone/Bass), Commedia del Arte, Clowning, Balloon Sculpture, Juggling, Magic, Wrestling, Ice/In-Line Skating, Driving, Swimming, Snowboarding, Skydiving, Video Games

The Nerd                                                   Rick                                         The Stage Door Theater

I Was Told There’d Be a Prince            Quinn                                     Apothecary Theatre Co.

Confessions of a Plate and Shoe         Lonny, Oscar, Jerry            The Producers Club

Amanda Tears: a radio play                  Zach, Oscar, Armand        The Electric Pear  

At War: Am. Playwrights Respond…   Hal                                         Bleecker St. Theater

Williamsburg! The Musical                     Hayden et al.                      The Village Theater

Dirty Girl                                                     Howie et al.                         The Kraine Theatre

Stained Glass Ugly                                   Adam                                    Midtown Int’l Theatre Festival

On the Verge                                             Grover et al.                        Sande Shurin Studio Theatre

American Interlude                                  JackGene                             Frankel Theatre

Master Harold and the Boys                 Harold                                  Project Play at The Am. Globe


List available upon request

Training & Workshops

BFA in Acting from The Ohio University

Scene Study with Wynn Handman NYC

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