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Recent TelevisionWork
  • Joe et. al in "The Epic History of Everyday Things"

  • Principal V.O. (Josh Drucker) in "I Killed My Bff" for the Biography Channel 

Recent Film Work
  • Daniel in "Something about Wonder"
Recent Commercial/ V.O. & PrintWork


  • Alien Voice in Dannon Yo Crunch Commercial

  • Chase Bank Industustrial Spokesman

  • Trojan's 50 Shades Parody 

  • AVO for Vonage USA TV

  • AVO for Vonage Canada TV

  • VO for 3 Price Chopper Radio Spots

  • VO for AT&T Radio

  • VO for Wendy's Radio

  • Reporter in Captain D's "Eyewitness" TV Spot

  • Royal Guard in "Bloomindales British Invasion" Print

  • Dad in "Tide and Downey Presents: The Princess Dress" TV Spot

  • Hero Delivery Man in "Maryland Lottery Commercial" TV Spot

  • Husband in Aaron's "Doghouse"

  • AVO for Quiznos "Chicken Fajita"

  • McDonald's

  • Chase

  • AT&T

  • Verizon FiOS

  • Bloomingdales

  • Electrolux

  • Dr. Scholl's

  • Dell

  • Verizon


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